The Secretary of Yuhuan Municipal Committee, Mr. Zhou Yang, came to Hichi Pharm and gave guidance on“3-Service”events carrying out.

Zhejiang Hichi Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited, is a national high-tech enterprise which is dedicated to the R&D and production of APIs like X-CT non-ionic iodine contrast agent. Recently, Mr. Zhou Yang came to Hichi, enquired on our development, checked and supervised on our safety system, as well as learned details on production& management developing, safety production measure implementing and so on. He also proposed enterprises should always pay great attention on safety production. Not only increasing investment, expanding production capacity, enterprises should also well and strictly execute on safety production management, holding tight to this safety line. Lastly, Mr. Zhou Yang claimed that relevant government sectors should figure out enterprises’ appeal without delay, deal with positively and help to settle matters by “running errands” service.

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