Environmental impact evaluation publicity of technical improvement projects on Zhejiang Hichi Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited“Annual output of 440 tons Iohexol intermediates & 100 tons Iodixanol API”

  1. Basic information of the construction project

Zhejiang Hichi Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited, planed to launch technical improvement projects on“Annual output of 440 tons Iohexol intermediates & 100 tons Iodixanol API”at its current existing plant site which is located in Bingang Industrial Zone, Yuhuan city. After being build up, it has a capacity of annual output of 440 tons Iohexol intermediates & 100 tons Iodixanol API, as well as co-production of acetic acid, sodium acetate and potassium sulfate at the same time.


  1. Main environmental sensitive target distribution in the scope of environmental impact assessment.

The main environmental sensitive target in the scope of environmental impact assessment are neighbouring residential area of the project, which belongs to Samen Town& Ganjiang Town.


3.Main environmental impact prediction

This project mainly production waste water and domestic sewage, waste water by plant waste water treatment facilities after Dana tube standard, and then into the campus sewage plant secondary processing, eventually into the park nearby waters, body does not produce significant effect of sewage. Exhaust gas main craft waste gas such as methanol, hydrogen chloride, particulate matter, after processing cutting, the impact on the area in the range of affordable. After acoustic noise reduction, noise can be up to related emission standards. Solid waste after dealing with the commissioned disposal way will not have obvious impact on the local environment. This project involves the use of dangerous chemicals, exist in the process of production, storage due to accidents such as fire, explosion and leakage risk of environmental pollution.


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